Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China Nov 14, 2023

Setting up a baby furniture business requires careful planning and consideration, and one of the crucial decisions you'll make is choosing the right manufacturer. The quality and safety of your products depend on the manufacturer you select. In this blog post, we'll present the top 10 furniture manufacturers in China.

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

1. Clafbebe

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Founded in 2001, Clafbebe stands as a reputable baby furniture manufacturer in China. With two decades of experience, their specialization lies in the production of high-quality wooden baby furniture, including versatile solid wood baby cribs, baby bassinets, house beds, bunk beds, baby bedding, baby mattresses, baby mosquito nets, wooden baby dining chairs, and a diverse range of other products.

At Clafbebe, they embrace the unique requirements of our clients and gladly welcome both OEM and ODM orders. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in our innovative designs, meticulous material selection, competitive pricing, and unwavering dedication to after-sales service. As a result, Clafbebe has earned a trusted reputation as a global provider of premium, safe, and stylish baby products.


Founded year: 2001


● Office Address: MAX Science Park, Shushan Dist., Hefei, Anhui, China(Mainland).

● Factory Address: Longtan North Road, Economic Development, Shucheng County, Luan City, Anhui, China.

Products range:

● Natural Wooden Baby Crib

● Europe Baby Bed

● Painting Baby Wood Crib

● Baby Bassinet

● Kids Wooden Bed

● Wooden Baby Chair

● Baby High Chair

Kids Bunk Bed

Kids House Bed

● Baby Bouncer Chair

● Baby Walker


Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Established in 1994, OPPEIN stands out as China's leading contemporary furniture brand and holds the prestigious title of the world's largest cabinetry manufacturer. Specializing in high-end kitchens, wardrobes, custom home furniture, and more, OPPEIN offers comprehensive, all-in-one solutions for home decor.

Having achieved a remarkable sales turnover of USD 3.24 billion in 2022, OPPEIN has experienced 29 consecutive years of growth, solidifying its dominance in both the kitchen and cabinetry industries. The company's products, renowned for their Italian design and European quality, have successfully penetrated 118 countries, surpassing a market value of USD 15.3 billion.

With an extensive network of 7,500 global franchise showrooms, OPPEIN is committed to its vision of becoming a modern, innovative, and globally respected company.


Founded year: 1994

Address: #366, guanghua 3rd road, jianggao town, baiyun district, guangzhou, China

Products range:


Sofas Armchairs


Wine Cabinets


Wardrobes & Walk-in Closets

Kids Rooms


Dressers & Chests


3. Keekea

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Since 1995, Keekea has been a trusted chair and table manufacturer, catering to residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality clients globally. Notable customers include Costco, Hay, P&H, and more. Their experienced designers turn visions into reality, supported by a mature supply chain and a high-end production facility.

Combining modern production with traditional craftsmanship, their skilled teams ensure fast, high-quality production and delivery. They pride themselves on customization, handpicking a qualified team, and prioritizing sustainability with FSC certified materials.


Founded year: 1995

Address: No. 69 Xinkai Road, Bazhou, Langfang City, Hebei Province, P.R.China

Products range:




4. Foshan DOB Furniture Co., Ltd

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Founded in 1995, Foshan DOB Furniture Co., Ltd. is a modern standard enterprise excelling in furniture design, production, and sales. Over a decade of continuous innovation has led to the successful global sales of their "DOB" and "ARTSOME" sofa series, earning consumer trust with impeccable design, quality, and service.

At the heart of the company's ethos is the fusion of high-quality materials with timeless designs, catering specifically to discerning individuals who embrace a new traditionalist aesthetic.

With a management concept centered on people and perfection, the company has independent design capabilities. Committed to environmental responsibility, they use 100% sustainably certified wood and prioritize responsible packaging to minimize environmental impact.


Founded year: 1995

Address: Jiuqiao road, Shatou Industrial zone, Jiujiang town, Nanhai district, Foshan city, Guangdong province, China

Products range:






5. Interi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Established in 2003, NextHome Furnishing Group is a leading Chinese luxury custom furniture brand, renowned for innovation and advanced technology. Offering cost-effective loose and fixed furniture, NextHome specializes in professional OEM and ODM custom furniture services.

Globally present in nearly 100 countries, the company has incubated renowned brands like Interi Furniture, operating vast manufacturing bases in Guangzhou and Foshan.


Founded year: 2003

Address: No.2 of Hengjun Avenue, Shiqi County, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China

Products range:

Modern Sofas

Modern Beds

Modern Dining Tables

Modern Chairs

Modern Coffee Table & Side Tables

6. Higold

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Higold, a leading global brand of outdoor furniture under the Higold Furniture Manufacture umbrella, boasts unparalleled innovation and R&D strength with over 230 patents. Renowned for winning prestigious awards like the German Red Dot Design Award, If Design Award, and others, Higold's products are available in 102 countries, with a network including major retailers and international hotel collaborations.

Founded in 1989, Higold has evolved from a kitchen hardware manufacturer to a leading brand, expanding globally with a focus on inspiring the luxury outdoor market. Committed to elevating international brand value, the company emphasizes design, innovation, quality, and service.


Founded year: 1989

Address: 10th Building, No.36, Shunye East Road, Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

Products range:








Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Founded by Arthur Cheng in 1999, Artie Garden International Ltd. has evolved from a trading company to a global leader in outdoor furniture. Recognizing the need for quality control, Cheng established the first factory in 2007. With a comprehensive experience exceeding four years in the weaving production line, Artie has revolutionized the process, optimizing training methodologies and disseminating invaluable insights across the industry.

Artie's journey is a testament to Cheng's vision, aiming for longevity. In collaboration with a diverse international design team, Artie has become a trendsetter in outdoor furniture design, proudly holding a portfolio of over 300 global patents. With products in 70+ countries, Artie envisions global expansion.


Founded year: 1999

Address: Building G3-G5, West District, Haizhu Tongchuanghui, No.20 Xinjiao Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou,

Products range:








8. Dious

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Established in 2005, Dious stands as a leading office furniture manufacturer headquartered in China. Their expertise lies in crafting furniture solutions tailored for workspaces, hotels, and healthcare environments. Boasting four extensive manufacturing bases covering over 1 million square meters, their workforce of approximately 5,000 individuals contributes to an impressive annual turnover of $300 million.

Dious excels in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of eco-friendly materials, coupled with contemporary designs and competitive pricing. They prioritize quality, adhering to both national and international standards in ergonomics, healthcare, and environmental responsibility.


Founded year: 2005

Address: No.422, Jin'ou Road, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong, China

Products range:

Task Chairs / Office Chairs

Conference Chairs

Training Chairs

Lounge Seating



9. Vaseat Furniture Co. ltd.

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Vaseat Furniture, based in Guangzhou's Baiyun district, is a leading office chair manufacturer with a 15-year legacy in design, manufacturing, and sales. Committed to delivering aesthetic, ergonomic, and healthy office solutions, Vaseat offers high-quality, customizable office chairs.

The company boasts R&D capabilities, holding certifications from SGS, BV, and TUV, meeting international quality standards. With over 50 patented technologies and 80 certifications, Vaseat is a reliable partner with a customer-centric approach.


Founded year: 2007

Address: No.422, Jin'ou Road, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong, China

Products range:

Ergonomic Office Chair

Desk Chair

Mesh Chair

Guest & Visitor Chair

10. Blossom Furnishings

Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers in China

Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited, a leading manufacturer since 2003, specializes in event chairs and tables. Initially focused on traditional wooden wedding decor, the company expanded to modern resin leisure furniture. With over 60 items, their products are exported to 89 countries.

The 12,000 sqm factory, equipped with 320 machines, produces Wooden Chiavari, Resin Chiavari, Cross Back, Louis, Folding, Metal Banquet chairs, Farm, and Folding Tables. With a monthly capacity exceeding 20,000 pieces, they maintain high-quality standards. Serving global wholesalers, wedding venues, rental companies, and eCommerce merchants, Blossom caters to diverse needs.


Founded year: 2003

Address: Room 2111, Building B, Vanke Center, No.2 Heilongjiang South Road, Shibei district, Qingdao city, China

Products range:

Folding Chairs

Dining Chairs

Napoleon Chair

Chateau Chairs

Industrial Dining Chairs

Farmhouse Tables

Banquet Tables


Selecting the right baby furniture manufacturer for your business is a critical decision that requires careful consideration. By prioritizing factors such as quality standards, production capacity, customization options, and communication, you can establish a successful and enduring partnership with a manufacturer that aligns with your brand values and business goals.

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