15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs Apr 28, 2023

Triple bunk beds are a space-saving solution for families with multiple children. 

As retailers and store owners of baby and children's furniture, you know how popular bunk beds and loft beds have become. 

This collection features 15 creative triple bunk bed designs with clever storage solutions, slide-outs, ladder access, and more.  

Offering unconventional bunk bed options will set you apart and give families exciting choices for their space. Let’s check it out!

15 Creative Triple Bunk Bed Designs

Here are some triple bunk bed ideas that you may want to bring into your stores:

1. Full Over Twin Wood Triple Bunk Bed

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

This stunning Kids Wooden Triple Bunk Bed is crafted from high-quality New Zealand pine, delivering a solid and elegant design. 

This bunk bed, which saves virtual floor space and offers a full-size bed on top and two twin-size beds beneath, provides enough sleeping space for families with many children.

The twin-over complete bunk bed design seamlessly matches any home decor and is perfect for a boy's, girl's, or small space. 

With options in various solid wood styles, you can choose a triple bunk bed to suit your exact home's needs and aesthetic.

2. Mezzanine Play Space

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

If a room is tall enough to accommodate a triple bunk bed, you can replace the top bunk with a fun mezzanine play balcony to free up floor space. 

Over the built-in bunks in this room, a loft play area has been added, offering lots of room for play and giving the space a serene, uncluttered feel.

3. Stacked Triple Bunk Beds for Rooms with High Ceilings

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

If you're looking for a bed suitable for twins, triplets, or multiple children and also need to maximize the design of your boys' or girls' shared bedroom, a twin xl triple bunk bed, a stacked twin triple bunk bed, or even a full triple bunk bed, is definitely the best option.

4. L Shaped Triple Bunk Bed for Small Kids Rooms

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

There are several more possibilities if you need to sleep three kids in one room but do not have the ceiling height for a triple-decker bunk bed. 

The arrangement that leverages the room's corner—a corner bed or an L-shaped triple bunk bed—is the most common. 

For more rectangular rooms, this three-person bunk bed is a suitable option. 

They can even operate in spaces with just 8' ceilings.

5. Multifunctional Triple Bunk Bed With Desk

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

This triple bunk bed with a desk is ideal if you put three bunk beds and a desk in one room. 

Its L-shaped triple bunk bed design includes two twin-size upper bunk beds and one full-size lower bunk. 

Also, the bed has full-length guardrails to guarantee the safety of its users while they sleep. 

Two built-in ladders that are part of the bed would be more appropriate for older kids.

6. Practical Triple Loft Bed With Trundle

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

Small rooms with constrained floors and vertical space suit this tiny triple loft bed. 

It has a trundle that is ideal for guests and has lockable caster wheels so that it is simple to slide. 

The guardrails on the bed are removable, so you may change them to fit the demands and ages of your kids. 

Additionally, a built-in ladder makes it simple to reach the top bed.

7. Sophisticated Triple Bunk Bed

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

This is the triple bunk bed you've been seeking if you want something that growing kids can use for years. 

This elegant bed combines one full-size upper bed and two twin-size lower beds. 

The built-in ladder makes getting into the upper bed simple, and the guardrails along its whole length make it completely secure to sleep in. 

For further storage, there is a nightstand/drawer combo between the lower beds. 

Also, there is a ton of under-bed clearance.

8. Charming Triple Bunk Bed With Trundle

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

Families that place a high priority on safety will appreciate this triple bunk bed with trundle. 

The substantial built-in steps and guardrails will keep passengers safe. 

One twin-size, one full-size, and one slide-out trundle bed are all included in this set of beds. 

Three integrated shelves under the stairs give the bunk bed a ton of storage space.

9. Compact Triple Bunk Bed Loft

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

This triple bunk bed loft is ideal for houses that routinely entertain several children overnight or have three children sharing a bedroom. 

Three beds are piled vertically on it, and two built-in stairs have complete guardrails. 

The building is over six feet tall, which might be dangerous for small children.

10. Kid Friendly L Shaped Triple Bunk Beds

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

This L-shaped triple bunk bed is ideal for rooms with low ceilings and corners. 

The upper bed features full-length guardrails with just one built-in ladder. 

If you wish to transfer the unit, the three twin-sized beds connected to it can be an issue. 

Under the bottom mattresses, there is a ton of space for extra storage.

11. Triple Bunk Bed with Storage

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: homedepot

This wood triple bunk bed can be an excellent option for furnishing a teenage boy's bedroom. 

It produces a classic charm while also providing excellent stability. 

The bedroom also has dressers beneath the triple bunk bed. 

They give the area a ton of storage space and prevent clutter. 

The room is brightened by white and purple bedding.

12. Triple Bunk Bed with Partial Ladder

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

As the photo demonstrates, this triple sleeper bunk bed features a half ladder. 

Just the second bunk is covered. 

Children must ascend the built-in side ladder to the third level. 

The triple-decker bed in honey-toned oak creates a cozy atmosphere. 

In meanwhile, coral-patterned bed linens and accent cushions make the room more lively.

13. Space-Saving Triple Bunk Bed

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

It’s on of the best triple bunk bed ideas for small rooms. 

The bed has three bunks and an L-shaped, all-natural wood frame. 

The compact design, which has square pillars and short horizontal rails, fits a 6-drawer chest with edge pulls for convenient access to its contents and a lower lofted sleeping area ideal for storage.

14. Rustic Bunk Bed

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

While this bed has three bunks, the top level has two twin beds. 

The full-size bottom bunks offer enough room for any growing lads who require it. 

With lots of room left over, it is an excellent addition to your child's bedroom and adds charm with rustic elements.

15. Solid Wood Triple Bunk Bed

15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

source: Pinterest

The triple bunk bed ideas in the mission style have a timeless design that will last many years in your house. 

The ladder makes purchasing an expensive box spring unnecessary and helps ensure safety while moving from the bottom to the top bed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Triple Bunk Bed

There are a number of things to consider when picking creative triple bunk bed designs to ensure you obtain a product that suits your needs and tastes. 

The following are some essential things to think about:

● Safety: Safety is essential for kids when selecting a bunk bed. Make sure the bunk bed you choose complies with all safety requirements.

● Size and space: Make sure the bunk bed you select will fit comfortably by measuring the area where the bunk bed will go, taking into account its height, breadth, and length.

● Style and design: Bunk beds are available in various conventional and contemporary designs. Choose a design that complements your decor and personal tastes.

● Material and durability: To ensure that it can support the weight of several people and endure for a long time, consider the material's strength and durability.

● Assembly: While some bunk beds come with comprehensive instructions and all the required hardware, others might need to be installed by a professional.

● Price: Three bunk beds range in price, so while making your selection, consider that.

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15 Triple Bunk Bed Ideas - Creative Designs

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